evolve for amigaos - build panel
Build Panel

With this tab you can compile your project, and if you have been working on a previously saved project outside of Evolve you can even opt of overwriting certain source code files by unticking any of the checkmarks shown.

The Build toolbar has 5 buttons:

  • Full Build: This will compile your Project and perform a complete Rebuild- copying and overwriting any existing Resource files found
  • Build: This will also compile your Project, but any existing Resources files found will be ignored
  • Run: Evolve will attempt to run your compiled Project
  • Show Drawer: This button shortcut will simply open your Drawer on the Workbench.
  • Clear: This button simply clears the contents of the log window found on the Log sub-tab.

evolve for amigaos - post build drawer structure

The sub-tabs show the individual source code files or allow you to view them outside of Evolve in your own chosen Text viewer (set in the Configuration Window).

The end tab shows you the catalog files that have been generated by Evolve for the selected languages you have chosen via the Locale tab.