Configuration Window – Main settings

evolve for amigaos - confinguration window - main settings panel
Main settings panel

The main settings panel of the Configuration window allows you to make global changes to Evolve that not only affect the behaviour of Evolve, but also any existing and future Projects.

From this panel, you can:

  • Change the Language Interface
  • See the list of default AISS Icons that will be included in your Project, you don’t need to worry about any of these icons as they will already be in your Project to make full use of
  • Compiler arguments are set on this panel
  • Decided whether Icons should be embedded into Intuition and Context Menus, however please be aware this isn’t currently supported in AmigaOS/AmiDock and is there for future compatibility
  • Project IDE and Text Helper can be defined
  • Various Build settings can easily be toggled here as well, most of these are self-explanation- information and understanding of the first row of options can be found by consulting the MUI Royale online documentation.
  • Finally syntax highlighting colours can also be set here if you don’t like the defaults