Rapid development of grahic user interface components including…

  • Windows: Creation of multiple windows, Drag and Drop support, Default Objects, complete property control
  • Layout elements: Buttons, ListViews, Toobars, Groups, Pop objects, Textfields and so much more
  • Menus: Create Window and Context Menus with icon and shortcut support- with ease
  • Buttons: Choose from over 4,000 icons thanks to Amiga Icon Support System (AISS) support

Project Management

Evolve allows developers to go beyond designing the graphical user interface enabling further integration between the visual interface and the underlying programming language.

  • Complete support for Hollywood (Multimedia Application Layer)
  • Internals: Set Application Name, Author, Twitter and Facebook textfields, Amigaguide support, AmiDock, Public Scren support and much more
  • Create ‘Displays’ – integrate content directly into the user interface thanks to the Hollywood Bridge
  • Attach data resources to your Project including Images, Documents, Video and Audio content
  • Take full advantage of Hollywood plug-ins
  • Define a Splash window image
  • Add often-used functions into your Projects
  • Locale / Catalog support, add multiple-language support to your Project
  • Codebench Integration
  • Quickly compile your Project and preview your user interface within seconds