evolve for amigaos - layout panel
Layout panel

The Layout tab is quite arguably the most important tab within Evolve and the place you will no doubt spend the most time; especially with larger Projects that may involve multple Windows.

Before starting to get to grips using this tab it is advised that you learn and understand the various ‘classes’ of the Magic User Interface (MUI) API and how they should defined by reading the MUI Royale documentation which can be found online.

The Layout can be laid out horizontally or vertically into Groups, Rectangle objects can be used to provide padding and spacing around surrounding gadgets and keep your interface clean and tidy.

There are a whole range of gadgets that make it your typical user interface, gadgets for entering or displaying Text, Selecting options, selecting Files or Drawers, organising inform into Lists and much more inside the range of tabs at the top of the Layout window.