evolve for amigaos - layout panel - selection
Selection panel

The Selection panel deals with non-text based interactive gadgets such as Buttons, Checkmarks and Cycle Gadgets- it allows you to easily add and manage a Toolbar.

A Button is way for the user to perform an action, a Checkmark is a Yes/No toggle, a Cycle gadget presents the user with a simple drop-down menu or allows you to quickly clicking through a list of options.

Radio gadgets are another way to select one from a list of options, Slider gadgets are typically used for numerical input on a scale from 0% to 100%, but can be used for other things too.

Finally the Toolbar and Toolbarbutton gadgets allow you to create comprehensive horizontal or vertical toolbars, with options for showing the toolbar as Icons Only, Icons + Text or Text Only, further functionality such as keyboard shortcuts are also available.