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Text Panel

The Text panel deals with the user entry of text and display of text-like objects in your interface.

From this panel you can insert Sting fields that allow text entry either Numerically, Alphanumerically or even as a Password field.

Text gadgets are a quick way to to show non-editable short strings of text.

TextEditor fields are very similar to String fields except they allow for almost unlimited entry of text, they also allow access to more conventional formatting options such as Italic, Bold and Underline.  Like String fields, Cut, Copy and Paste are available as always.

FloatText gadgets are like their Text gadget cousins except they allow for word-wrapping, are multi-line and can even have scrollbar(s).

A Label gadget always appears to the left of any of other inactive gadget especially Checkmark and Text gadgets and simplys aid the end user with descriptive text, unlike a Text gadget you can use the key property to have a character of the label underlined- which can for example be used with a controlchar property of a nearby gadget.

A PopList gadget allows the end-user to select text from a pre-populated list or enter their own text.